Upon seeing the inside of a beet for the first time

So here I am at the end of Day 17 of my 30-day juice fast. Seventeen days with no alcohol or caffeine. And save for the first five days, no chewing. Just juice five times a day. Let me repeat that. No Alcohol For Seventeen Days.

But now I want to talk about beets. Last week I had my first one. I had heard heard so very much about them: They’re dirty. They’ll stain everything they touch. They taste like dirt. And they’re oh so good. Yeah, okay.

Unlike leeks, I have actually seen beets before, but not in their original, just-out-of-the-ground form: the green stuff that comes out of the top; the tale thing that, presumably, came from deep beneath the surface of the Earth. I’ve seen them mostly in salad. I have even ordered a dish with beets as one of the main ingredients. But I pushed them to the side of my plate. Because beets. Maybe it’s a texture thing. Or a red thing?

What I hadn’t seen, though, was the inside of a beet, which happens to also be the best part about them.

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I’ve juiced them with oranges, apples, ginger, carrots, celery, and kale. Good, right? Yeah. I still don’t like beets. They smell and taste like dirt. But I won’t give up.



  1. LOL! during one of my early juice detox sessions I eventually introduced Beets and they made my pee red. I thought I was doing some serious damage and quite immediately…
    Thanks for the great post

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